Why Solar ?

Installing a well designed Solar Matters PV system on your home or building will protect you from increasing electricity prices, increase the value of the property, and help keep our environment clean.

Solar System Performance

Solar power systems performance will vary according to the amount and intensity of the sun. The UK receives ample amounts of daylight each year and this results in solar system performance that is up with the best locations worldwide.

High electricity prices

Electricity prices are currently quite high and forecasted to increase significantly in the near future. With a Solar Matters PV power system on your home you will be completely protected from rising electricity costs. As electricity costs rise you will be saving an ever increasing amount of money, boosting your return on investment.

Your Property Value

International data shows that homes with reduced running costs appreciate faster and have a higher overall value on the real estate market. A Solar Matters PV power system will reduce or eliminate your home’s electricity bill and therefore your home will demand a higher value on the market.

The Environment

A Solar Matters PV power system is completely silent, motionless, and clean. Solar power systems reduce transmission line losses and the strain of peak loading on infrastructure. They can also directly off set the need for large power plants being constructed.

Installing a Solar Matters PV power system allows you to make a smart investment in your property, a positive impact on the national electricity infrastructure, and a long term positive impact on the environment.

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How It Works

Hover over the areas on the diagram to see how the Solar Matters PV system works.

Payback Calculations

How long will it take for my system to pay for itself ?

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme recommends that we use the Payback Calculator provided by the Energy Saving Trust.
To visit click on the following link to visit their Calculator.

To find out more about the benefits of solar power, then please view our Solar Information document click here.
You can also view a list of FAQs here.